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Mini Vancation

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Missing my departure deadline was a little depressing, but not nearly as hard to handle as finishing the build-out in central Florida’s summer heat. I found myself needing to take breaks every hour or so, and would go inside to escape the heat. I’ve never experienced the captivating effects of air conditioning this strongly before. My breaks would last as long, if not longer, than my work on the van.

This chapter is lasting longer than I had hoped, but I have found that there are still many lessons for me to learn. I am working on balancing staying in the moment and “moving in the direction of my dreams.” I realize it’s very important to find happiness in our current state, rather than waiting for our hard work and dedication to pay off. It’s paying off in the present, if we just take the time to appreciate each moment’s gifts.

After a very rough start in the van with my sister, I decided it made sense to take several small trips before really setting off on the road. My friend Miranda, has as fun and flexible a spirit as mine and was anxious to embark on an adventure in the van with me. I think we both often overestimate our flexibility, because we decided to head down to the Florida Keys for the van’s first debut out of its birthplace in the MIDDLE OF SUMMER. The van is about 80 % complete when we leave for our journey. I later learn that there’s more work to be done than I thought, and its more likely only 65% ready for takeoff. This is even more reason why taking these mini trips are important.

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