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Key West and The Miranda Band

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

We slept in for the first time on this trip, getting up and around at 10am. We didn’t leave Justin’s until about noon, spending the morning eating breakfast, getting our things reorganized, and scouting out a place for lunch that served vegan pizza. On our way, we stopped by the Low Key Tie Dye store we had passed several times. Miranda is a tie die type of girl, so this store called her in, however the price tags didn’t keep us there long. She got a scrunchie and some stickers and we were on our way.

Slice of Paradise on Summerland Key was cute, and had outdoor seating right by a peaceful canal. Inside the store was anything but peaceful, and we quickly realized we should have called in our order on the way. It was nice to see an all-women staff for a change, but I felt bad for them. They were obviously busy, behind, and very hot. The pizza was expensive and we waited over 30 minutes but it looked delicious and I’ll always deal with a wait or really whatever to support local eateries above corporations or fast food. Unfortunately this Pizza wasn’t worth the wait, or the 20 dollars. I had a couple pieces and called it quits, already feeling a bit sick. Miranda did the same. The place has great reviews, so again maybe we were just in the right place at the wrong time, but I doubt we will ever figure out, because neither of us was anxious to return there.

Adam left the door unlocked for us so that Miranda could practice with his equipment for her gig that night. He did ask us not to wake him, which confused Miranda quite a bit as to how she could plug in the guitar and practice silently. Fortunately she only scratched her head for so long before both of the boys of the house were awake (Did the smell of Pizza make it to their rooms?) Miranda’s anxiety was quickly washed away with Adam’s coaching of his equipment and his roommate’s offer to also come help her set up at the venue. I really enjoyed watching these three musicians who could act as competitors, be nothing but love and support to each other. With so much talent in the room, there wasn’t a whiff of jealously. Well other than from me, who has always wanted, but never fully attempted to learn to play the guitar. But the point is, if I had asked any of them to teach me right then, they would have.

We arrive at Rick's 10 minutes before Miranda’s gig and they lend her their tip jar and make sure she is comfortable with the set up of things. They hang out for a few of her first songs and then invite me to go get dinner with them. The bar was pretty empty and I didn’t want to leave Miranda. Also I doubted I would find good vegan options where they were going, so I told them I would see them later. Miranda was amazing, as always, and had groups of drunken cheerleaders most of the night. Once the bar filled up, I felt ok leaving her for a bit to take stroll down Duval Street.

Miranda Realino Rockin it at Rick's

This whole trip I really enjoyed Miranda’s company. As I did my sister's company the first night in the van. I think back to Christopher McCandless’s solo journey through the wilderness and how sometime during his journey, he wrote in one of his books “happiness is only real when shared.” I have debated the truth to that statement ever since reading it years ago. I go back a forth. I can feel differently about it from month to month, or even moment to moment. But as I am about to embark on this cross-country journey by myself, this thought battle is more prevalent than ever. Back at the bar, watching my best friend do what she loves, I felt true happiness. Out on the streets of Duval, surrounded by people, but really on my own, I felt true happiness. It’s in those moments, as I curiously walked the streets at my own pace, I decided I could stop debating that line on happiness and that I would be fine alone, until I’m not, and then I will simply find some company. Which is what I did that evening. I walked alone and explored until I didn’t want to any longer, and then I rejoined my friend.

Miranda finished her gig at 8pm. We had dinner at Amigos Tortilla Bar, as advised by my Happy Cow app that it would be vegan friendly. We devoured delicious veggie fajitas, while downing glasses of water. When we sat, the sun was still in the sky, but by dinner’s end darkness had arrived, along with a new mood in the streets of Duval. If you’ve ever been to Key West, I think you know it shares a similar mentality as if you were to be in Las Vegas: What happens there stays there. We arrived at 4pm and left at 4 am; much happened in between- but I think for everyone’s sake, I will just let it stay there.

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