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About Me

I grew up in Alexandria, VA until I was 10. My parents sold our house, cars, and things and moved my two sisters and I onto a sailboat. We traveled the east coast of the US and the Bahamas for 2 years. Being exposed to so many different cities, cultures, and boat life at such a young age impacted me as I grew up. 

We moved to Florida when I was 12 and I got back into the public school system. School came easy to me and I was always feeling anxious to do something new. Between the ages of 16-26, I lived in 27 different cities. I went to four universities and traveled abroad in Italy for a year. While I've always been intelligent, ingenuitive,  and a hard worker, I never felt like "starting my career." I've preferred to be on the move, and to collect different experiences along the way. 

While on a beach in Italy in 2015, I read Jack Kerouac's On the Road and decided that America had a lot more to offer me than I had previously experienced. When I returned back to America, I got a couple jobs and started saving up for a van- as there was no longer the safety of the 60s and I wanted to travel solo. I contemplating hitching, but my friends and family all showed enough objection I decided to come up with another plan. The Van Plan. 


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From ages 16-26:

I have lived in 27 different cities

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